Fusemachines: An AI Assistant for Sales

Sameer Maskey, Founder & CEO
Sameer Maskey, a pioneer in speech and language processing, founded Fusemachines with the dream of building AI systems that can interact with humans in natural language and assist them with their day-to-day tasks. After building a successful dialog system directed at automating customer service for one of the departments in NYC government, Maskey brought the same expertise to sales processes. This was in response to the sales personnel who were constantly burdened with communication overload, where a valuable amount of their time is spent on repetitive tasks such as finding prospects, cold calling, setting meetings, and more. Fusemachines’ AI Assistant for Sales reads emails, checks calendar, finds leads in Salesforce, and allows the personnel to send outreach and follow-ups with their prospects. “Our system automates these routine tasks so that the sales personnel can focus on conducting meetings and closing deals,” remarks Maskey, PhD, Founder and CEO, Fusemachines. “We want our AI system to perform most of the salesperson's daily repetitive tasks intelligently and efficiently.”

Fusemachines’ AI platform accelerates sales team productivity and increases the number of quality leads. Through the solution’s search tab, sales teams can create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and then sift through multiple leads and rank them with a buying intent metric. “Our AI system based on advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning engines is able to process large amounts of unstructured and structured data that lives on web, forums, emails and CRMs,” says Maskey. The leads discovered in the ‘Search’ tab are shifted to ‘Clean’ tab where sales reps perform data checks to avoid lead duplication and analyze selected company profiles. This tab is also responsible for validating emails to push them into the final stage of outreach— ‘Connect’ tab. In this tab, users can create campaigns for the validated leads, send mails and track the progress of the mails.

We want our AI system to perform most of the salesperson's daily repetitive tasks intelligently and efficiently

“Our AI system empowers sales reps to reach out to potential customers by understanding the customer's problem, timing, budget, and plans. Then the system optimizes the messaging and sequence of outreach based on patterns from historical data,” adds Maskey. “Our AI platform helps sales team automate the process of finding leads with the correct signals, communication processes, classifies responses and reminds users of leads needing a follow-up.”

According to Maskey, Fusemachines gets its major advantage from the data and algorithms running on the platform. “Our advanced unstructured data processing algorithm can merge disparate sources of noisy data, allowing users to find uniquely cross-referenced and intersected data.” The company’s advanced AI algorithms also help draft personalized emails, adding further credence to Fusemachines in the market.

Maskey with his team of data scientists, machine learning PHDs and account managers manages the company with their respective domain expertise and skill sets. “As a company, we also care a lot about some of the following social issues: gender equality, poverty, race and education,” Maskey says. “We want Fusemachines to be a place where everyone cares for each other and about social issues.” Being a very diverse company with employees from all background, Fusemachines bring many different perspectives to its culture, shaping everything it builds and everything it stands for.


New York, NY

Sameer Maskey, Founder & CEO

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