Voicy.AI: Virtual Agents to Customer Engagement

Jagadish Nomula, CTO
With a myriad of technological innovations emerging on a daily basis, companies are constantly looking to find new ways to improve the customer engagement and drive commerce. By leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Voicy.AI has a developed a multi-channel dialog platform that can automate conversational marketing, commerce and question and answering. The application of the confluence of various frontier technologies developed over the recent few years is now “a natural dialog platform that automates natural language conversations and, in turn, cuts down on the cost of customer engagement and represents a more efficient business solution for our clients,” explains Jagadish Nomula, CTO, Voicy.AI.

Where most competitors offer point solutions in isolation that are restrictive, according to Prasad Velamuri, Voicy.AI’s Head of Product and Business Development, Voicy.AI’s dialog engine integrates with the back-end platforms, including marketing and businesses flows while providing a generic multi-modal cognitive customer interaction solution which is adaptable to a multitude of scenarios. “You need to have a multi-channel dialogue engine that can work across Phone, SMS, Social Messenger platforms, and Voice assistants. We are offering one for you. Once integrated, businesses could automate most of the conversational marketing and conversational commerce experience for their customers and focus on their core competencies. The solution only becomes smarter over time,” explains Velamuri.

Providing chat support and multi-channel interaction is encompassed in Voicy.AI’s 24/7 virtual agent or ‘Bot’, which can interact through voice, text and even understand visual/ emotional expressions. “We leverage artificial intelligence-driven natural language processing technologies,” expounds Nomula. The dialog engine can persist the context across a series of conversations at multiple levels. Moreover, it can classify intent in a very intelligent way. “What we have done is leverage deep learning and natural language processing technologies. Even if a single sentence has multiple intents, we are able to fetch the right action for the customer before receiving a query,” explicates Nomula.

We do not completely replace humans but rather augment them in multiple stages very efficiently

“We do not completely replace humans but rather augment them in multiple stages very efficiently.”

One example of Voicy.AI’s integration shows a social commerce client active in the gifting space with a very large item inventory who wanted to automate their customer engagement. By adding deep learning, caching and other novel technologies in big data into the process, the company was able to optimize the system to work with large data sets to ensure that the customer was responded in the right way and go as far as building and finalizing an order for the client, hence saving the time of support staff.

“We keep challenging the status quo with innovative ideas and don’t consider failure negative,” avows Nomula. “Any failure on ambitious projects at Voicy.AI is an enriching experience helping us build expertise.”

Headed toward developing the ‘next big thing’ in customer engagement solutions, Voicy.AI plans to enhance voice technology in multi-modal interaction in the upcoming future while making their dialogue engine interactive with emerging voice assistants in the market. ‘‘We believe interaction will be as easy as talking to another human,” argues Velamuri. “Conversation will be the new UI.” Having filed several patents on methods of using virtual agents through various information storage, extraction and deep learning technologies, “we are looking to be the platform which is a resource of voice and conversational skills to businesses and make cost- and time-efficient voice, text, and multi-modal agents available at the click of a button,” concludes Nomula.


Fremont, CA

Jagadish Nomula, CTO and Prasad Velamuri, Head of Product & Business Development

Voicy.ai provides cognitive customer interaction solutions and services for businesses with support for voice, text, and facial interactions