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Alexandre Bilger, President & CEO The human mind is a true marvel. Of its most impressive features is cognitive functionality that enables man to perform particular functions that a machine cannot fathom. Artificial Intelligence, at the helm of computational technology, however, has empowered equipment and systems that can execute cognitive tasks via techniques such as machine learning, speech recognition, robotic automation, and computer vision. This change in the organizational workflow is not to affect the man-force at firms; it is to encourage them to be more productive, less error-prone, and highly efficient in shorter periods. Since cognitive technologies power IT experts to carry out specific tasks traditionally fulfilled by humans it has the potential to enable organizations to achieve tremendous success by cutting speed to delivery, clear asset management, and ensure the quality of goods or services.

A key space where cognitive technologies are deployed at organizations in the enterprise space is in “Big Data Analytics,” and it has become a term that is in broad discussion across boards at firms of all shapes and sizes. Management is beginning to push investments toward deploying solutions that can bring in increased productivity, and profitability at their business establishments. Sinequa, a significant player in the technology service and solutions arena is making giant strides by redefining information feedback at these firms by transforming their connected network of data centers from the structure of a traditionally based system to efficient digital architectures.

At Sinequa, the team of developers understands the challenge of getting information to data analysts. Most companies gather their information by relying on the cognitive sense of an information scientist, and this causes a big setback, as it takes up much time to evaluate the raw input and make optimal decisions. To eliminate such hassles, and enhance corporate performance and opportunity, the professionals at Sinequa have identified four capabilities that are genuinely information-driven. Those capacitive abilities are content, meaning, learning, and presentation, and Sinequa delivers them all through their flagship analytics platform named Insight.

Sinequa’s Data-Driven Content Management

Sinequa is leading the way and is unrivalled in its ability to provide a unified search experience by conjoining all content under different formats from all sources into a single solution. Finding structure and unstructured information at firms has never been easier, and Sinequa deploys a library of over 200 ready-to-go connectors and built-in converters that enables support for more than 350 document formats.

The program can perform many levels of analysis of unstructured data to extract its true meaning and to then provide the most relevant information and accurate results

All the data connectivity and sensor protocols are leveraged as part of the Insight platform, and Sinequa keeps adding 10-20 connectors every year. This feature set allows the quick dispensation of the solution across all common enterprise information systems for the full valuation of data across the enterprise digital landscape.

Enhancing Data to Derive Meaning

For companies to reach out to the world and make a name, it is essential not only to collect data but to also derive meaning from it. Sinequa uses a multitude of text extracting techniques that are above simple keyword syncing, including in-depth data analysis, and natural language processing (NLP).

For instance, the Insight platform is a total morphological solution; it incorporates the collective knowledge of data analytics professionals from over 25 years with specificity to linguistics research as well as the latest text analytics technology. The program can perform many levels of analysis of unstructured data to extract its true meaning and to then provide the most relevant information and accurate results.

Machine-Learning Powered Knowledge Interactions

Devices now have the power to understand and comprehend issues that previously only humans could resolve. This has caused much strain on the human task force to work harder to make themselves more efficiently productive. However, the machines are limited to their users’ capabilities, and techniques such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) are utilized along with human interpretation to enhance data inputs, and to create engaging customer online user experiences for end-customers.

The modern technologies have paved the way for man and machine to work smoothly alongside each other rather than having the professionals at organizations continuously worry about their jobs.

Sinequa’s state of the art solution engine allows a lot more than just to make this connection clear and pristine; it incorporates ML and Deep Learning (DL) algorithms that run parallel to existing ML and DL systems at enterprises to provide a ready to use and easy to deploy solution that supports the development, production, deployment, and management of ML/DL projects with the need for additional programs.
Sinequa utilizes their ML integrations to enable in-house data analysts to configure specific developer coding on top of system operations architectures and choose the data enriched by Sinequa to feed into the testing modules before final deployment. The information once used is not entirely lost as the platform has been programmed to write it back into Sinequa’s data indexes for further analysis, and exploration, and to create optimized search engines at client outlets.

Sinequa’s Unique Presentation Proposals

The transformation from legacy networked systems to the more modern digital architectures is easier said than done at organizations. The present need of the hour calls for firms to be more compliant with online regulations, and norms and to uphold the privacy of their consumer data. Another fact that affects the metamorphosis is the cost of implementation and maintenance of all the systems, software, and equipment that hybrid technology-enabled infrastructure brings along. Sinequa calms the nerves of enterprise management and decision-makers by deploying a solution that is easily implementable, highly scalable, and easy on the pocket.

The tech firm offers an intuitive and simple user interface design that is ductile to directly integrate multiple configurations of search-based business solutions to run on top of the Insight platform. To initiate the settings options in Sinequa’s solution a user needs to access a web-based administrative dashboard to enable managerial control over the main features of the solution. A user of the system can adjust the actions according to the system design that is best suited at their facility; the view of the dashboard can have contextual or business profiles, visibility, and relevance of data sources, graphs, advanced searches, and more.

Sinequa’s Insight platform also provides flexible APIs that enable it to be easily integrated into other development and deployment structures without changing the current experiences for the end- user.

In its entirety, Sinequa’s solution leads the way in the data analytics landscape by providing state of the art information feedback that assists management at enterprises make thought-driven decisions that better their businesses. The power to acquire knowledge-driven information and advice people in the enterprise landscape has helped Sinequa build a network of experts well-versed in computational technology and the methods that it can be brought to firms to utilize. Looking into the future, Sinequa wishes to push past the boundaries of today, and surge into the industrial universes of tomorrow delivering cognitive technology that scales all barriers and enables organizations to achieve ultimate goals.

Sinequa News

Sinequa Partners with ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation and Expands into the Japanese Market

NEW YORK: Sinequa, a leader in cognitive search and analytics, announced a partnership with ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, a total IT service provider with more than 45 years of experience in delivering innovative technologies, to commercialize, deploy and manage the Sinequa Cognitive Search & Analytics Platform in Japan.

Sinequa and ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation will help alleviate the collective cognitive burden for organizations that are confronted with massive amounts of data to analyze by empowering their knowledge workers with AI-driven search. On any given day, a typical large enterprise may need to surface insights from data volumes of more than 500 million documents and billions of records.

Sinequa provides an AI-powered platform that enables life science companies to become information-driven by extracting and leveraging critical insights from large volumes of complex data. Headquartered in Tokyo, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation complements Sinequa’s strengths with about three decades of experience and more than 6,000 engineers to serve major customers primarily from Japan as well as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the United States.

“Having worked for years with research organizations and life science companies, we’ve witnessed how companies are being overwhelmed with data from documents related to lab reports, experimental drug results, clinical trials, research and patent findings over email and other forms of communication,” said Kazuhiko Nagao, General Manager, Life Science Division, Distribution & Enterprise Group of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation. “By adding Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics platform to our IT portfolio, we can now help customers discover critical insights that can lead to major breakthroughs and in some cases avoid devastating mishaps.”

“We are excited to partner with ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation and expand Sinequa’s footprint in the Japanese markets with an established and trusted system integrator,” said Xavier Pornain, Senior Vice President of Sinequa. “In today’s world, especially in large organizations, it is impossible for humans alone to search, process and analyze all available data whether on-premise or in the cloud or both. Analyzing data in Japanese and many other languages has been one of the key strengths of our solution. Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics platform makes critical and relevant information available to knowledge workers on demand to facilitate their mission. Together with our partner ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, we are committed to helping these organizations improve insights and accelerate innovation.”


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Alexandre Bilger, President & CEO

Cognitive search and insight engine helps to power up the knowledge work required to compete in today’s fast-moving marketplace