20 Most Promising Cognitive Solution Providers - 2019

20 Most Promising Cognitive Solution Providers - 2019

In the modern world having complete control over operations at organizations has become a part of every business plan. Latest technologies in the cyberworld have given rise to many firms across various industries transition from the classical systems to more streamline and scalable digital solutions. At the helm of these techniques and one that has been extensively researched over the past few decades is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and from it has spawned cognitive technologies. Services and platforms that allow for computational scaling and functioning of processes previously done only by humans.

Such computational software programs are used in a variety of enterprise spectrums such as defense, agriculture, the public sector, to name a few, in order to enable automation of operations across business structures. With the deployment of such services and solutions, workflow at enterprises has become organized, affordable, and quick. Areas where automation is being used mainly are in healthcare, and analytics.

It is crucial for top management to find a program that can solve their tech issues that is efficient, scalable, agile, and affordable. With over hundreds of solution providers in the cognitive technology industry space today, our distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, industry experts and analysts including CIO Review Magazine’s editorial board has reviewed the top providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges.

In this edition of CIO Review Magazine, we present to you “20 Most Promising Cognitive Solution Providers - 2019” featuring companies that are creating strong footholds in the cognitive tech sector.

Company Name

Company Description

Affectiva Bringing emotional intelligence to AI-powered mobility assistants by augmenting them with industry-first understanding of cognitive and emotional states
algo.ai Provides a bot for supply chain that analyzes data and helps the users take business decisions
Arterys Arterys facilitate global advancement of healthcare and enable data driven medicine by leveraging cloud computation and artificial intelligence
Behavox Behavox uses machine learning to analyze employees within an organization
BenevolentAI Benevolent.ai focus to bring together artificial intelligence technology and scientific research to enable the creation of better medicines
BrainChip Holdings A leading provider of software and hardware-accelerated solutions for Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications
CloudMinds Making Robots Smarter by connecting robots and devices over secure Virtual Backbone Networks to Cloud AI
Cogito Analysing and delivering real-time guidance to agents and unprecedented insight to managers
Diwo A unique cognitive decision-making platform that reveals hidden business opportunities in real-time and empowers business users to act on them
Evolv Technology Evolv Technology applies sensors, data, and machine learning to detect and prevent a wide set of global threats to people
FIR.ai Offers an AI-powered platform to help financial institutions in effective decision-making
Kneron AI-processors neural processing unit (NPU) and visual recognition software adopts reconfigurable artificial neural network (RANN) technology to enable quick implementation of different AI applications
Lucidworks Providing a platform for building, deploying, and optimizing AI-powered search and data applications
Resure Technology Resure Technology aims at revolutionizing how people write with deep learning and AI
Sinequa Cognitive search and insight engine helps to power up the knowledge work required to compete in today’s fast-moving marketplace
Tellius Augments typical BI features such as dashboards and data prep with AI-powered capabilities so everyone can discover new insights faster and drive smarter business outcomes
UNBXD UNBXD helps for a pleasant product search through intelligent site search, personalized product recommendations, and real-time merchandising insights
Wave Computing Wave Computing helps to revolutionize AI and deep learning with its dataflow-based systems and embedded solutions
WhiteHatAI Offers a cognitive and deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) platform to commercial insurance firms, healthcare auditing companies, and Medicare-Medicaid agencies
Zoox Zoox adopts advanced perception and simulation technology for completely autonomous driving