Clinakos, Inc.: Digital Intelligence for Prescription Drugs

Inder Jaggi, Chairman & CEO
We live in a world overwrought with data. This is especially true in healthcare given the extensive use of devices, labs, electronic medical records and the increase in wellness apps in recent years. Moreover, scientific research has been generating extremely rich data such as in genomics. Being able to leverage such vast amounts of data to generate patient insights is critically important to improving healthcare and life sciences research.

Cognitive computing has proven to be a game changer in extracting insights from extensive data sets. Clinakos has dedicated itself to innovating a unique cognitive computing platform for the specific needs of the healthcare and life sciences industries.

We strive to improve patient lives through converting complex healthcare data into actionable insights via cognitive computing

“Our primary goal,” the Chairman and CEO of Clinakos, Inder Jaggi, emphasizes, “is to better the lives of patients, particularly those dealing with cancer or rare diseases, where even the smallest changes can have a big impact on their quality of life.”

Clinakos is a cognitive computing platform that curates historical and real time healthcare data from hundreds of sources and aggregates it using cognitive technology to match up each piece of information with the right patient to create a 360o patient view. Once the population’s data is aggregated, the platform performs relevant predictive or machine learning algorithms to meet the client’s needs. These deep personalization algorithms are tuned to the patient, generating individualized recommendations. As more data comes in, the algorithms re-calculate, checking assumptions and tuning themselves to provide more precise, personalized recommendations. Delivered as SaaS, the platform conveniently integrates with clients’ business processes and existing data assets.
Dr. Deepti Sodhi Jaggi, President & CMO
The healthcare industry is naturally burdened by regulations that determine the handling of Patient Healthcare Information (PHI). Any cognitive platform that has a claim of being the definitive healthcare solution needs to run its analytics on identified patient data and hence must be compliant with those rules. The Clinakos platform is compliant with HIPAA/HITECH and follows the strictest Privacy and Security controls to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements for PHI handling. “Being able to perform analyses on identified patient data in a secure, compliant platform is a key differentiator,” says Inder Jaggi.

Clinakos’ applications range from creating complete patient profiles, to generating predictive models of healthcare risk, to supporting clinical trials, and even algorithms generating pharmaceutical sales insights. One game changing application of the platform is its ability to support Real World Evidence generation for medical treatments and improve patient outcomes.

In one instance, the Clinakos platform helped a client determine the reasons for patients’ non-adherence to therapy by rapidly analyzing a population’s multi dimensional, longitudinal data to elucidate actionable variables to enhance adherence. In other examples, Clinakos can help clients gain insights into patient journeys in various diseases, including rare diseases, catalyzing R&D and informing treatment algorithms. “Our platform is able to generate actionable insights because of our team’s deep industry expertise. Our team of MDs, PhDs and PharmDs is involved in the design and execution of each project,” says Dr. Deepti Jaggi, Clinakos President and Chief Medical Officer.

Clinakos’ rapidly growing list of clients includes Fortune 500 companies. “At the platform level, we are constantly extending our ability to ingest and interpret different types of healthcare and life science data and are regularly tuning our analytics engines and AI algorithms,” states Dr. Deepti Jaggi. The goal of this striving is a commendable one, best articulated by Inder Jaggi: “Now that our platform is ready and deployed, we are looking forward to extending the human capability of clinical and life sciences decision making.”

Clinakos, Inc

Palo Alto, CA

Inder Jaggi, Chairman & CEO and Dr. Deepti Sodhi Jaggi, President & CMO

Offers cognitive computing platform to gain real time patient insights for healthcare and life sciences

Clinakos, Inc