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Massood Zarrabian CEO
Research by McKinsey Global Institute and IDC highlights that knowledge workers spend 20% of their time each day searching for information from disparate repositories across the enterprise. Forrester suggests that organizations with revenue of $1B+ have information stored across 15-20 systems. With the proliferation of large volumes of content spread across a variety of business applications, organizations are in dire need of a centralized search solution to unify search across these disparate silos, ranging from legacy systems such as Lotus Notes, to SaaS offerings like Veeva Vault, Box, Google Drive, Salesforce, Amazon S3, and a variety of other systems including SAP, Documentum and beyond, to deliver “the right information to the right person at the right time.” Enter BA Insight, an AI-driven enterprise search solution. BA Insight believes that information should be as easy to find inside of an organization as it is outside. They help organizations maximize the value of digital transformation projects by providing Internet-like search capabilities that deliver highly personalized and relevant results, connecting people to the knowledge they need, empowering them to act quickly while resulting in a better employee experience, increased productivity, and improved enterprise performance. Massood Zarrabian, the CEO of BA Insight says, “We help knowledge-driven organizations improve the findability of relevant information via an internet-like search experience, regardless of where they are located, which device they use, or where the information resides. Unlike other offerings that involve closed platforms that take months or more to implement, our open, multi-platform software portfolio leverages existing infrastructure and can be implemented in weeks.”

BA Insight’s modular and scalable connector-based software portfolio features three main components: SmartHub, ConnectivityHub, and AutoClassifier. SmartHub is an AI-driven platform that provides a modern, internet-like search experience with support for multiple search and AI platforms. It combines bots, query processing, index orchestration, type ahead, and analytics with machine learning and AI to provide natural language query, personalization, recommendations, filtering, relevancy, and reporting. SmartHub can be deployed stand-alone, with BA Insight’s mobile-ready internet-like HTML/CSS interface, through APIs, or directly embedded in core applications (Exchange, Teams, Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.) utilized by end-users on a daily basis, making it a central hub for enterprise search.
Working in synergy with SmartHub is ConnectivityHub, a platform upon which indexing connectors are built for business and enterprise systems with support for six search engines including Amazon Elasticsearch, Azure Cognitive Search, Elasticsearch, SharePoint Online/Microsoft Search, SharePoint On-Premise, and Solr. BA Insight has out-of-the-box connectors to over 70 enterprise systems (content repositories, applications, and databases), providing equal access to all enterprise information to all users. This leads to the last component of BA Insight’s software portfolio, AutoClassifier. It modernizes the tagging process with an integrated AI-driven and rules-based approach. When integrated with BA Insight’s ConnectivityHub, clients can automatically meta-tag content at index time for improved findability and filtering.

Having worked with various industries across the globe, BA Insight has served over 3.5 million users in enhancing their productivity. In one customer example, a Fortune 500 oil and gas company was facing reduced employee productivity due to the inability to find critical information. Their employees had to search multiple systems to find critical business information, each with its own search interface and functionality. They estimated that more than 20% of an employee’s time was lost searching for information or creating new items that already existed. Their vision was to provide their knowledge workers with a single interface to access all necessary information, independent of where it resides, all while honoring source system security. After deploying BA Insight’s software portfolio, employees have embraced their new search system, leading to an increase in the usage of enterprise search by 75%.

BA Insight has continued to innovate, introducing new features and capabilities that expand the platforms it supports as well as adding new ways to make enterprise search more accessible and intelligent. “Like the internet revolutionized the store to store visits by making everything available at the doorstep with a single click, we are trying to transform enterprises by making knowledge askable and easily assessable with the power of one-click,” concludes Zarrabian.

BA Insight

Boston, MA

Massood Zarrabian CEO

BA Insight is the leader in providing open, modular, AI-driven enterprise search solutions. The company helps organizations achieve digital transformation by enhancing the findability of critical information, bringing internet-like search across enterprise assets with a modular, scalable software. Its approach enables organizations to leverage their preferred search engines and AI platforms to provide employees with personalized and relevant search