Top 20 Cognitive Tech Companies - 2018

The ability to optimize numerous algorithms and technologies to comprehend, conclude, anticipate and develop useful information will make cognitive computing remain in trend forever. According to IDC, “by 2018, over 50 percent of developer teams will embed cognitive services in their apps.” No wonder why cognitive computing gains all the attention.

The significance of cognitive computing continues to grow with its learning capability and knowledge to identify security issues before they intensify. Cognitive computing helps the system in accomplishing basic human tasks.

Amidst all the emerging trends, cognitive computing in HR can enhance business growth by augmenting human expertise and improving decision making. However, cognitive systems are not substitutes to HR. On the contrary, they reduce the complex, time-consuming work, which helps the HR to concentrate on other functions that enable organizations to prioritize their tasks efficiently.

Healthcare and retail are the two notable sectors that are striving to catch up with cognitive computing. Cognitive tools in healthcare enable doctors and healthcare professionals to gain more information about individual patients thereby helping in diagnosing patients with unique solutions. On the other hand, retail enterprises are adopting cognitive systems on a large scale to understand customer pattern and provide better products that increase user satisfaction and improves shopper journey.

With over hundreds of cognitive solution providers in the industry today, finding the right solution is often critical. Our distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including CIO Review Magazine editorial board has reviewed the top providers of cognitive solutions and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges.

In this edition of CIO Review Magazine, we present you “20 Most Promising Cognitive Solution Providers - 2018” featuring the companies that are creating impact in the cognitive sector.”

    Top Cognitive Solution Providers

  • 1

    Develops and deploys practical conversational artificial intelligence systems, based on its proprietary patented SILVIA technology

  • 2

    Provides object recognition and face recognition technology powered by deep learning that helps organizations to improve their business processes or develop new applications

  • 3

    The company’s novel “AI to build AI” enables developers solve problems without being machine learning experts themselves

  • 4

    Offers solutions for complex business problems involving AI and builds intelligent platforms with predictive capabilities

  • 5

    Improves life through Artificial Intelligence by combining big data, high-performance, and heterogeneous computing into the intelligent internet of things

  • 6

    Automates analysis of risk and finance documents for risk management and regulatory compliance for banking and financial institutions

  • 7

    Provides an online platform that employs alternative data, machine learning and an understanding of human behavior to anticipate future events

  • 8

    Offers augmented intelligence solutions for industrial manufacturing applications

  • 9

    Provides an AI-powered automated decision-making platform that can model human-like cognitive reasoning

  • 10

    An artificial intelligence software company that optimizes the key business metrics of its customers

  • 11

    Cognitive application service provider that helps enterprises make smarter decisions

  • 12

    Provides smart cognitive solutions leveraging Natural Language and contextual computing to enable users to easily accomplish tasks in the digital world

  • 13



    Provides an emotion AI science platform that uses computer vision, deep learning and emotion data repository

  • 14



    Alegion platform provides Human-in-the-Loop technology specifically designed for AI and ML projects

  • 15



    Provides industry-specific enterprise cognitive cloud software

  • 16

    Coveo Solutions

    Coveo Solutions

    Coveo personalizes digital experience for customers, partners, dealers, and employees

  • 17

    Delivers AI solutions and supports organizations in unlocking their data potential at all stages of data science maturity

  • 18

    Expert System

    Expert System

    Expert System’s cognitive technology brings smart capabilities to RPA and extends automation to activities that require more intelligence

  • 19



    Provides a Cognitive Virtual Assistants, ‘ROSIE’ & ‘MAGGIE’, and Intelligent Guided Selling Platform, Journey Assist, for Insurance and other Financial Services companies

  • 20



    Provider of cognitive computing and machine learning to build systems that use Big Data to learn about your business, make timely recommendations, and become increasingly more accurate with every iteration